Emmanuel Test Post 1


For Test article- Emmanuel posts- other posts of the same show divided up into the 3 minute segments.

the full emmanuel show will be replaced with that particiular 3 minute segment

Leon Image- ad

These descriptions- the article

Each of the other posts will have a unique featured image- ex Biden/Trump debate. The big emmanuel head will be that unique image

second leon image- new show promo for future clients that are starting?

the log in/ sign up button will take people to a sign up page, they’ll be given free and a paid option. Free option will just be giveaways. Paid will be everything else listed and possibly more. This will take them to a form I haven’t made yet. Everyone who clicks the links from our page directly will be taken to that page first and not the article. Anyone who clicks it from “someone” who shares it on truth social will be able to see the article immediately

Info on giveaways, comments, call ins? “producers”? remove ads, ect, The Paywall

Log in/sign up

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