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Welcome to the Jess Hisel Candidate`s Library! Watch live using the graphic above, access the library to see the past speeches, interviews, and rallies all in one place, the library. “Are you tired of the 2-party system…me too. Listen and learn with me about the other 3rd parties and organizations that are truly trying to make a difference in this polar world. The ship is sinking, and we need to know where to swim to. This show offers alternatives for ideas, and parties that you can support and join if you desire. Keep talking, spread the word. Do not be silent and talk politics respectfully again. The 2-party system is not for the people. It’s time that we find other parties and organizations to support. We have to stop feeding the organizations that are dividing us. Please join me to learn about people that are passionate about seeing a better future for everyone.”-Jess

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